Halloween Trinkets

I love collecting old decorations from Halloweens gone by. I can’t really explain why I like them so much, other than to say that it seems like Halloween might have been a bit more magical ‘back then’ (probably nonsense, but go with it), and these little objects capture the essence of that. One of my favourite Halloween mementos of all is this dress, but you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see that! Unfortunately, it seems vintage and antique Halloween decorations are very collectable, which means they can also be very expensive.

The little skeleton isn’t technically a Halloween decoration. I think it’s some kind of memento mori. I got it at the antique fair this weekend from this amazing vendor who had a huge selection of Victorian mourning pieces and other strange little curios. So cool. I wanted to buy everything!

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  1. Oh you have a nice little collection! I love vintage Halloween things too, but you’re right … they can be expensive. I recently saw an entire showcase filled with them at an antique shop and while they were safely locked in there, they were so neat to look at!

  2. I think you’re right; the older Halloween decorations are much more whimsical and magical than current ones!
    Yours are all so cute! I can’t wait to have my own house so I can decorate for the seasons. Ah, soon.

  3. Oh Hannah! I love these so so much!

    I love old halloween and day of the dead trinkets. The skeleton looks like a mexican memento mori. I wish I could collect drawers and drawers of vulcanite and jet! x

  4. I agree that Halloweens from “back then” definitely seemed more magical! It seems like scary and quirky was taken a bit more seriously; I think it had more of a gothic/Victorian integration too (thinking E.A. Poe here). I love little vintage Halloween trinkets as well; I proudly display my little ceramic witches (thanks grandma!) all the way through Thanksgiving.

  5. Woah that stall sounds amazing! If you can you must try and visit the Death Exhibition at The Welcome Collection, I think you will love it. Craig and I collect Vintage Halloween things too. We just got a group of Tin toys with ghosts and witches all over them. I’m going to show him your paper skeleton, he’s going to be well jeals. ;-) Much like I am of your dress. xx

    1. Ha ha, you should do a search on Etsy, the last time I looked there were loads of paper skeletons! One of my work colleagues went to the Death Exhibition when she was in London last week and it came highly recommended from her too, I really hope I get a chance to go and see it!

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