Lately I’ve been spending more time in front of my sewing machine than my computer, working on a couple of damaged vintage dresses that I am determined to make wearable again. I’ll be sure to show you the fruits of my labour when I’m done.

I’ve also been feeling a little uninspired, which is why you haven’t seen much activity around here. I gave my blog a little makeover in attempt to kick start some creativity and I’m quite happy with the result so maybe you’ll see some posts trickling in over the next couple of weeks. I should have another post up on the Dahlia website in a few days, so I’ll be sure to point you to that when it’s up.

In the meantime, I’m sure many of you will be pleased to hear that Sarah has recently restocked her shop with a limited number of Jewel of the Order necklaces. My own necklace is my absolute favourite piece of jewellery and I wear it with everything. I think Sarah said this would be the last time she’s stocking it, so if you’ve had your eye on it, don’t miss your chance!

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  1. oh no :( i’ve been checking her shop quite regularly in hope that she does… and right now i’m super broke. Can’t believe she wants to stop making them, they’re so wonderful.

      1. Sorry Moira, I am so behind with e-mails at the moment. It probably ended up buried beneath a load of junk mail! I will be sure to get back to you.

      2. thats super nice of you, thanks! If you do decide that you wanna do it, please take your time as i have a few posts scheduled already so theres really no rush :)

  2. Really love the little blog makeover, and I’ve been missing your posts! Can’t wait to see how those vintage dresses turn out. I just bought one yesterday – a full length monster of a dress (so much fabric!) with the most beautiful 1960s liberty print – but I completely lack the skills to turn it into something wearable. I wish you were in London – I’d commission you to do that amazing thing you do and bring it back to life! x

  3. Lovely necklace!

    Sorry to hear you have been uninspired.. But great to get behind the sewing machine.

    LOVE your new blog header, but as you know, I also loved the last one!

    I just saw your photo on the Fieldguided blog. :)

    1. Thanks Natasha! I’m getting really into sewing at the moment. It can be super frustrating because I’m not very good, but the rewards are usually great!

  4. I have to say I didn’t find the necklace that nice until I saw your outfit posts wearing it and changed my mind! I love your outfits so much, you’re an inspiration! There are many days that I feel so uninspired and try to find something to post about but I usually ended up reblogging in tumblr…!
    * I’m having a giveaway in my blog if you’re interested! ;)

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