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One day I will have acquired so many old bits and pieces that I will probably be able to open up my own little museum. It will be a dusty museum, hidden away in a rickety old building in the middle of some large cosmopolitan city, closed more often than it’s open and riddled with tales of an old lady that haunts it. And that’ll be me.

1. ‘The Fiddler’, a lovely little watercolour (I think?) drawing that I picked up at the antique fair a few weeks ago.

2. Antique wind-up pig. His legs don’t move but his tail whirls around when you turn the key. He has the best face. Looks like he’s got the weight of the world on his shoulders.

3. I finally caved and bought an alphabet key chain from Lawrence. That H has been in and out of my virtual shopping basket more times than I can count. I think I’m going to follow in Kater’s footsteps and put it on a chain and wear it as a necklace.

It’s finally time to open those advent calendars! I’m really looking forward to a Christmas in which the build-up doesn’t involve exams for the first time in four years!

*I say ‘recently’, but what I really mean is ‘things I’ve bought over the past few months and as of yet have neglected to share here’. Sorry, I’m catching up.

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  1. I love your style – it’s so natural and unaffected! You pick out some great items, i gotta say! I bought the jewel of the order necklace after seeing your post, I hope it looks as good one me as it does on you! :)

  2. I love the little things! The “h” pendant Caught my eye; It’s something I’d like to do as well! My husbands name starts with an h and so does his (our) last name. He also is a jUnior, so his dad was caled “big h” and my husband was “little h” because of their same first names :) it’s a name passed down 3 generations, so I have a personal connection to That letter H :) Very cUte!! We plan to name our kIds names that start with “h” Too, To carry on the tradition. One of my fav pOssiBle baby girl names is Hannah :) just thought iD share!! Take Care, and great blog!!!

  3. I could totally open up a museum of all my crazy old things too. I’m always collecting useless old things that have charmed me into buying them.

    I feel like we’ve been following each other for a while, but I’ve never left a comment. So, hey!

  4. The pig. His face. I can’t stop looking at him! I will be first in line at your haunted museum & then I will steal him away under my coat.
    My sister and I always joke that one day she will be found crushed under the weight of her vintagey nick-nacks and antique teddies, probably having her dead face licked by a cat, so I feel this museum idea could be a lifesaver. Lots of rickety glass cabinets and cobwebs a la Miss Havisham. I’m not even joking. Sell me a ticket!

  5. That wind-up pig is excellent :D love it! Also love the idea of you opening your own museum. It’d be lovely <3 For our end of year exhibition at Uni I thought it would be nice to recreate a Victorian lady's home filled with whimsical trinkets and an assortment of incredibly random objects. No one else liked it though :( x

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