Blighty Bazaar

Last Sunday I had the pleasure of meeting up with fellow bloggers Natasha and Vicky, and also for the first time got to meet Nicola, whose imagination is behind the hauntingly beautiful posts you might have seen on All the Big Trees.

This lovely trio came to visit me in Leamington and I have to admit, I was slightly concerned about what we’d do. Leamington is nice and all, but it doesn’t cater that well to vintage aficionados, or at least it didn’t. Fortunately for me the new Blighty Bazaar (what can only be described as a vintage superstore) opened its doors just in time, proving that Leamington is in fact worth the 40 minute train ride from Oxford.

Other highlights of the day included the most delectable nutella-flavoured hot chocolate at Bar Angeli and lunch at Comme Ci Comme Ça (home to the best and possibly only macaroons in Leamington). Oh and a flat tyre, but we’ll just forget that bit.

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  1. Thank you for taking us to such an amazing antique emporium. Your photographs are so pretty, and I think you need to go back for the bag. Early Christmas gift perhaps? See you soon!

  2. I’m so sorry I couldn’t make the trip – that vintage store looks so AMAZING. How I’d love that sunny yellow kitchen cabinet…..I’ll have to pop over another time and make sure there’s some money in my purse – I can see I would be very tempted! So glad you all had a lovely day x

  3. Hi there,
    All the way from Belgium I would like to let you know that I find the miniature lamp shade lightstring sooooooooo adorable! Did you make it? It looks fantastic and I would love to have one too.

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