Recently Thrifted #3

Some thrifty goodness that I found at the car boot a few weeks ago.

If you like the notebook in the second and third pictures, good news! You can get your own here. I picked mine up on a visit to the Wellcome Collection earlier this year but as of yet have been unable to spoil those perfectly pristine pages!

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  1. You’re the poster child for car boot sales – I’ve only ever been to one but after seeing this amazing haul I’m going to find out when the next one is taking place in Edinburgh! PS: You really need to open a store so we can avail of your thrifting prowess :)

  2. The locket looks like the one I found in my Granny’s house. Only mine has black and white photos of her and Grandad. I can show you next week when I come visit!!! :)

  3. Oh wow this is all so beautiful! I love the little tags that appear too :) I just checked out the website of the Wellcome Collection and it looks amazing, have got to visit that next time i go to London!

  4. Oh some beautiful finds Hannah! I really must make it to some car boot sales someday – I’m just too lazy to get up early enough! I love your pictures too – beautifully composed xx

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