In the Garden

Whenever I disappear on here you can pretty much assume that not a lot has been going on with me. These days my time is usually consumed by work-related activities, that is to say I’ve either been at work or job hunting (and feeling very disillusioned with the working world). In fact, this year that has somehow elapsed between when I graduated and now has been rather lacklustre in general. Perfect job, where are you?

Photos taken at Hidcote Garden.

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  1. oh I can definitely relate to the seemingly unending search for the perfect job : (
    on a more positive note, that croquet painting is pretty spectacular.

  2. Ohhh you’re not alone sadly. Same story here. It’s like, you just want to find something you that doesn’t make you sick and gives you that stable feeling. Ughhh. Lovely photos though :)

  3. i’ve been out of work for a year and it’s really depressing :( i’ve been applying for jobs of course, but no one seems to want me! i hope you have better luck than me!

    on a positive note, i love that last photo! so pretty. and i’ve been seeing so much cacti about lately, it makes me happy.

  4. Best of luck Hannah! keep on dreaming of that dream job as no doubt it will be just aorund the corner waiting for you. There is no way that someone with as much talent as you will be left jobless for long. xx

  5. Good luck with the job hunt! I know how hard that can be– I’m not looking forward to my prospects when I graduate next year… But keep on looking and I’m sure you’ll find something perfect!

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