Recently Thrifted #5

Scalloped mother of pearl shellVintage landscape paintingVintage landscape painting

A scalloped shell for a mere £1 (never have I felt closer to robbing somebody) and three glass orbs (£3) along with a beautiful, slightly battered, painting of a countryside scene (£10). The lady I bought the painting from had an amazing variety of things and I got a couple of pieces of clothing from her too but they’re currently crumpled up in my laundry basket…

Vintage Everest prayer rugVintage handmade cushion

The neatest little prayer rug which was apparently bought by a man after he climbed Mount Everest many moons ago (£5) and a handmade cushion (£1) with, supposedly, a tenuous link to royalty. The stories I get told at car boots! I must have gullible written all over my face.

Vintage clip on daisy earringsVintage shell in glass fronted boxVintage souvenir - tiny storks in a glass globe

Sweet little daisy clip-on earrings (50p). A bevelled edge mirror (£2) from the same person that sold me the shell – so again ridiculously cheap! A most intriguing oyster shell set in a wooden frame (£10), in which you might just be able to make out a small pearl forming in the centre. And finally, a small oriental style glass dome (50p).

Sorry to present you with two very similar blog posts in a row, but if I don’t share these things as I find them then they never get documented! These are my thrift finds from the last two car boots. I love reading about other peoples thrift finds so if you’ve found something you’re particularly pleased with, do share in the comments!

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  1. Wow – fantastic finds as always! I particularly love the daisy clip on earrings, what a steal! I love the pretty mirror and the framed oyster shell. I saw similar at the V&A pearls exhibition so maybe it was an old educational prop? I love these posts so please keep on posting. Half the fun of the finding is the sharing! My recent finds include a 50s/60s Penguin book of cats and a haul of vintage buttons. Must catalogue soon! Also have lots of spring coloured vintage heading to Human Sea Vintage this evening! xx

  2. What a fabulous haul! That shell is amazing! Can you believe I’ve never been to a car boot sale? I’m too terribly lazy to get up so early!! My best find(s) have to be crocheted blankets from charity shops in Barnstaple – or maybe the poodle I got from the Pop Boutique… hmmm…

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