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Vintage Macmillan school postersVintage bus ticketsVintage hand painted French bed trayVintage hand painted French bed trayKitsch green plastic binVintage French sparrow cloak fastenerVintage costume jewellery necklaceVintage thrift findsVintage French star braceletVintage 1920s pink lace dressBlack longhaired cat and general troublemakerVintage celluloid ladybird powder compactVintage celluloid ladybird powder compactVintage fish tank with wind up mohair giraffe and mouse

Less of a ‘thrift finds’ post and more of an ‘old things I’ve acquired’ one. Some of these came into my possession as recently as last weekend and some I’ve been holding onto for months, so there’s quite a lot! This is a mixture of thrift finds and antique fair finds and also a sneaky eBay purchase (the wind-up giraffe – a birthday/Christmas gift to myself).

After trying and failing to take photographs in my overcrowded bedroom I threw everything into my car and took it over to Ian’s flat which is old and spacious and beautiful. That little black ball of fluff is Polly and she was determined to photobomb all of my pictures.

I’m probably going to have to open a shop soon to unload a few things and provide an excuse for my thrifting/antiquing obsession. It’s getting a bit silly and I’m running out of places to hide things!

Most of these pieces speak for themselves, but I will point out that the chain with two swallows either end is a cloak chain and that glass and metal container in the last photo is an old fish tank (or so I was told). I have grand plans to make it home to some succulents at some point in the future.

What have you been up to this weekend?

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  1. Such a cute little kitty!
    I love the colour of that dress too.
    haha, I often hide things away in the wardrobe and then just spring them out as if they have been there forever!

    ~ K

  2. so many wonderful things!
    LOVE the print in the first picture and the fish tank – can´t wait for the succulents in there:)

    i do have a photobombing cat too and i think it´s the sweetest thing:)

  3. What a wonderful collection of treasures! I particularly love the print, i’ve started a collection of my own of those now, need some bigger walls! The little giraffe at the end is wonderful!

  4. The giraffe is amazing, how do you even search for things like that on ebay?! Also I love the bracelet with the stars on it. You have a real knack for finding beautiful things, a shop run by you would be magical.

  5. Beautiful things, beautifully photographed – as always! I always think pictures are improved by photobombing cats :) Loving the new minimalist blog layout too – and your new logo – so clean and spacious.

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